Exploring the Link Between Agro Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience


  • R. S. Rathod The College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner


systems, resilient future, agricultural diversity.


The intricate relationship between agro biodiversity and ecosystem resilience is a subject of growing importance in the context of sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. This research aims to investigate the multifaceted connections between agricultural biodiversity and the ability of ecosystems to withstand and recover from disturbances. The study employs a comprehensive literature review, field surveys, and statistical analyses to elucidate the impact of diverse agricultural practices on ecosystem resilience. By examining the role of different crop varieties, intercropping systems, and agroecological management strategies, we seek to unravel the mechanisms through which agro biodiversity contributes to the adaptive capacity of ecosystems. Furthermore, this research delves into the implications for food security and climate change adaptation, exploring how diverse agricultural ecosystems can enhance the stability and productivity of food systems in the face of environmental challenges. The findings are expected to provide valuable insights for policymakers, farmers, and conservationists, guiding the development of strategies that foster both agricultural diversity and ecosystem resilience for a more sustainable and resilient future.




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