Harnessing Nanotechnology for Precision Agriculture Applications


  • D. S. Patil


agricultural practices, precision agriculture, future research.


Nanotechnology has emerged as a transformative field with vast potential for revolutionizing various industries, and agriculture is no exception. This paper explores the application of nanotechnology in precision agriculture, aiming to enhance crop yield, resource utilization, and environmental sustainability. The integration of nanomaterials, sensors, and smart systems presents unprecedented opportunities to address the challenges faced by modern agriculture. In the realm of precision agriculture, nanotechnology offers solutions for precise delivery of fertilizers, pesticides, and water, minimizing waste and environmental impact. Nanoscale sensors enable real-time monitoring of soil conditions, plant health, and environmental factors, providing farmers with valuable data for informed decision-making. Additionally, nanomaterials enhance seed treatments, improving germination rates, nutrient absorption, and overall crop resilience.




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